President’s Message

Stephanie Lowrey-Willson, Ed.D, Junior League of Las Vegas President

Welcome to the Junior League of Las Vegas! We are a diverse organization of women leading change within Southern Nevada while nurturing the next cohort of female community leaders.
The past few years have brought many changes to JLLV and our community’s life. Together, our members set a modern and exciting foundation for our organization through research and new community partnerships. During the 2022-2023 year, we will, in collaboration with our Vegas community, deploy an area of impact through a tactical, gap-informed, DEIB-focused, and measurable process- helping to refine how we provide services to our community.

After serving nine years in JLLV, I have seen how our members support the community, raise each other up and elevate one another. Together we are creating the world in which we want to live by making changes to ourselves via training and Southern Nevada. We continue to build on the legacy of past presidents and members who have made history. Our members write history daily as we step into the future with more purpose, vision, passion, energy, and hope.

Founded in 1946, the Junior League’s members have spent more than 1.1 million hours volunteering in our community and raised more than $1.5 million to support meaningful impact in Southern Nevada. While much of the world has changed since 1946, JLLV has remained strong. We welcome all women and flourish through our members’ interests, backgrounds, and experiences, empowering us to continually bolster our ability not only to adapt but lead through change. We will continue to do so to ensure a sustainable future for our members and our community, as we must.

I have wholly embraced the concept of lifelong membership and hope to motivate others to do the same. The talents I have developed and the lessons I have learned as a member of the Junior League of Las Vegas have propelled my career in age equity and allowed me to serve on the board of other non-profit organizations. I hope you will join me in supporting the Junior League of Las Vegas network of inspirational women leaders. Whether you choose to contribute to our Annual Fund, Endowment Fund, or follow us on Instagram, your support will ensure that we carry on strengthening our community impact and advancement of female leaders for years to come!

Stephanie Lowry-Willson, Ed.D
Junior League of Las Vegas | President 2022-2023