Celebrating National Volunteer Month

April 1 marks the beginning of National Volunteer Month, and we’re celebrating by thanking the most important part of our organization – our members! Our 500+ members donated 10,000+ hours of volunteer womanpower last year. With that kind of force, we can make real change in our community. Hear from some of our volunteer members as they share why they volunteer!


“I want Las Vegas to be known as more than a tourist destination that attracts millions of people each year. Outside the glitz and glamour, we are a real community with real issues. I want to be a part of an organization that helps find solutions to those problems, while supporting those who just need someone to care. I simply want Las Vegas to be a better place, where children can learn, grow and thrive and where I can grow and feel fulfilled for playing even a small role in those accomplishments.” – Crystal Z., Communications Vice President




“I’m passionate about helping my Las Vegas community! JLLV empowers me to make an impact on Las Vegas by using my time and talents to raise funds for our annual projects.” – Kristina V., Night at the Museum Chair 





“I’m a Junior League volunteer because I want to create a positive impact in the lives of others. It’s my chance to give back to our amazing community, that has given me so much in the last 20 years!”Allison M., Public Relations Committee





“I want to set an example of community involvement and love for Las Vegas for my daughters.”Beth D., Placement Committee






“I joined Junior League to learn more about my community, volunteer, and hopefully make some friends. What I discovered is a high caliber of women getting things done with grace and passion. They are motivated, caring and driven to make our community a better place for everyone. I volunteer with JLLV because I want to be surrounded by greatness and challenged by determination.”Sonnya D., JLLV Past President




“I love volunteering with an organization who adores our Las Vegas community and makes a difference, including supporting our youth. Additionally, I love that our organization loves to train and develop the women within our organization to become even stronger leaders. I also enjoy the new friends I’ve made. Lastly, I love that we are taking a stance to learn how we can better embrace and engage diversity. Life is so much better embraced and understood.” – TrinaMarie S., Fashion Forward Committee



“I volunteer with JLLV because I’m a stay at home mom and need to get out of the house, away from my children, and have adult conversations with other adult women. I’ve always been passionate about giving back and being active in my community. Junior League allows me to do that, develop relationships with other phenomenal women, learn about the community I live in and the problems it faces, and show my children that giving back is important.” – Abigail M., Membership Communications Chair 




“It’s not only about what I can give back to my community, but what I’m able to get out of it too. As a service organization we get to volunteer with endless local partners, but since we also focus on training our members, I learn something new every year about the community we serve and about myself as a volunteer and leader. I’ve even had the privilege to lead some trainings!” – Katy R., Donor Relations Chair




“My entire career I have worked in a silo, and as a result I have only volunteered with a specific population – until I became a member of Junior League. JLLV offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, and has pulled back the curtain of Las Vegas, allowing me to see firsthand issues that need to be addressed.” – Stephanie L., Healthy Futures Chair




“I believe that one person can make a difference and JLLV has created a forum for women like me to make an impact within my city. JLLV allows women to positively impact our local community and develop long-lasting friendships at the same time.” – Susan R, Donor Relations Committee




“I want to build relationships with those committed to investing in our community. As a volunteer organization focused on developing women and improving our community, Junior League of Las Vegas allows me to share my time and talents, as well as broaden my horizons with experiences, friendships and mentors to make a lasting impact on Las Vegas’ future and make us the best community we can be.” – Megan F., Paint the Town Red Committee